60 Days of Halloween – Make Up!

Halloween Store


The journey continues through my local gypsy Halloween store. Today we will be focusing in on the make up and accessories you can purchase when masks aren’t enough…



As you can see, there are a lot of accessories to be had. From feather boas to fox tails, from huge fake ears to cat ear headbands. The stuff on the far right looks to be Harry Potter accessories from ties to knitted caps.



This is their “steampunk” area, the section to get your Victorian top hats, goggles, skeleton keys, necklaces, and many other items. Right next door is their “biker” section for fake piercings & biker gear…



Yes, non-piercing jewelry for those who want to look rebellious but not regret it the next day…


I’ve always been fascinated by the make up kits. However cool the photos on the front of the packages look, there is no way the average joe could even attempt anything that looks exactly like them. Close, but that’s about it…



Zombie make up is all the rage these days…



These are kind of neat. All sorts of flesh wounds…



This one had to be the strangest of the bunch…


Well, another post in the countdown complete!





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