60 Days of Halloween – The Trick ‘r Treat Bus Kids!

My wife and I had come across the movie, “Trick ‘r Treat“, while at the video store (remember those?) a few years ago. Even though it wasn’t Halloween, the movie looked interesting enough. Wow. Very similar to the “Creepshow” & ‘Tales from the Darkside” movies, “Trick ‘r Treat” weaves together several creepy tales to frighten and horrify. One of the creepier tales I call “The Quarry” which involves some kids trying to scare another. One begins to tell a story about a group of mentally-handicapped kids that their parents no longer wanted to be bothered with and hired the bus driver to “take care of them”. The bus ends up at the bottom of the quarry lake and supposedly no one survived. The costumes the kids wear were both interesting and down right frightening (which sets the mood just perfectly for the unfolding tale). I found this screencap of the kids as they sat on the bus and wanted to take a little closer look at their costumes:


Here are all the kids on their way home from school. Don’t they look like a motley bunch?



First we have the bunny with her(?) full costume complete with bunny ears. Not too creepy (or is it?)…




This Dracula mask is actually a half-mask that went behind the ears, you can see the wearer’s chin beneath the fangs. White make up on the ears and chin/neck area blended in quite well to the rest of the mask.



 This one reminds me of those huge head masks you see during Chinese festivals. With the huge hood and odd open mouth, we’re getting a little creepier…



Now this one creeps me out. This kid’s parents are either super-creative or as the story went could give a rip about him/her. Just a paper sack with eyeholes, and a huge mouth that was cut out from a magazine. Whenever I see this on-screen it gives me the willies…



This devil mask looks like some I have seen on shows and documentaries that take place in Mexico. The woolen army surplus blanket adds to the mystique of the costume.



How could you not have a clown mixed in? I can’t tell if the hair is a part of the costume or is the kid’s real hair. The ponytails almost tell me it’s not a part of the mask…



This one I didn’t notice while watching the movie, they have their store-bought mask upside down! It looks to be a Collegeville or Ben Cooper costume but I cannot place the character…



This looks to be a papier-mâché mask from the look of it. Very neat-looking but also VERY creepy!


Here is a clip from the movie telling the tale of these fateful riders. The entire movie is available on Netflix Instant Streaming for you to watch this Halloween!



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