60 Days of Halloween – More Candy!

Trust me, a gas station is no where to be when it comes to candy. Especially super-cool Halloween-themed candy. I found some more and thought I would share them with you…


Egg 1

Most people are aware that Cadbury makes pretty decent candy. But they also expect said candy only around Easter, especially in the case of their crème eggs. Much like Marshmallow Peeps, Cadbury eggs have reinvented themselves to branch out into other holidays – including Halloween!


egg 2

Now aside from the cool purple & green wrapper touting them as “Screme Egg”s, upon opening the foil we find the regular old design that is familiar to those of us that love these little beauties. Remember what I said on another post about manufacturers cashing in on holidays by only putting out new packaging and not updating the product? I thought the same would be true here but…


egg 3

The yolk is green! What could be better? A true Halloween treat that any Cadbury fan would be happy to get (although these are expensive at $1 a piece)…


kit 1

Next was the Halloween-themed KitKat bar stating that this bar is one of four “spooky” designs. What caught my attention besides that was the tag in the corner – “Dare to Find What’s Inside!” I had to open this up…


kit 2

Pure awesomeness! I was hoping for something like this and KitKat didn’t disappoint! This is close to topping the Reese Peanut Butter Pumpkins, and I mean CLOSE!

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