60 Days of Halloween – Weapons!

Halloween Store



Once again we visit the gypsy Halloween store (are you getting sick of it yet?) and check out the most important accessories if you are a Viking, slasher, or soldier – weapons!



Here is a picture of their “weapons” area. They have everything from scythes to hammers, cutlasses to pitchforks. I see axes and daggers and sabres, oh my!



Now how can you be Batman or Freddy Kreuger without stuff for your utility belt or a razor glove? As far as Freddy goes, they have the cheaper gloves for the budget-conscious Freddy to screen-accurate ones for the Freddy completest…



This one is modeled I believe after the first “Nightmare on Elm Street” movie, as you can see it is pretty much screen-accurate…



I’m not sure which film this is from, the glove looks almost flesh-toned so maybe from one of the later films…



Now you can’t be Jason Vorhees or Ghost Face without a bloody machete or knife! They have non-bloodied versions if you want to look at little more “accurate”. The machete says “Scream 4”, but I don’t recall there being a machete in the movie. Was there?


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