60 Days of Halloween – Apple Pie Candy Corn!


Yes, I have found them! I’ve heard rumors about this kind of candy corn but didn’t think I would ever get to find some in the wild! Brach’s offers all sorts of candy corn flavors each year from the traditional to the less than traditional which includes caramel corn & candy apple. Do they taste like apple pie?



The packaging wants you to believe as such and a big selling point is that they are made with REAL HONEY.



Not the traditional “banded” candy corn color scheme, rather looks more like a wedge of apple pie with a dollop of ice cream or whipped topping…



Let’s get down to brass tacks here. Do they taste like apple pie or not? My goodness do they ever! It is a total freak out when you chomp down on one of these babies and get the rush of apple pie flavor in your mouth. It is really uncanny…. A definite “buy” recommendation from me!


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