Our First Pod!

Our First Pod

Hey Junkies!

There are more ways to listen to us online! You can check out our TuneIn Radio broadcast link HERE or search for “Junkiosity” on the TuneIn Radio app for iOS & Android! We’re also on Stitcher Radio! Become a follower of both TuneIn & Stitcher to help us build our audience there so eventually we can get sponsors and bring you a bigger and better pod each week!

We’ve got sponsors! Check out Audible for a free trial membership which includes a free book download! They have thousands of titles from self-help to current best sellers! If you’re not into reading, how about getting healthy? Nature Box will jam your mailbox monthly with all sorts of wholesome and healthy treats & snacks! For only $20 a month you can get a ton of great-tasting food right to your door. Check out the link for a special deal!


A little over a year ago MattyV & Dan the Man embarked on a journey to create a podcast. Taking Kevin Smith’s challenge to heart, MattyV cashed in the rest of his Christmas & birthday money and purchased some podcasting equipment. The rig is rudimentary, the learning curve pretty big, but over the past year they have built (along with the help of Jen the Intern, who became a cherished member of the gang a short time after the pod started) a good foundation for a fun-loving podcast.

With an archive of 50 podcasts and a couple of movie commentaries, the gang is showing no signs of wanting to quit. Bigger and better things are on the burners for the podcast and we need your help to make them a reality. We’re still needing money to upgrade our pod. If you’re not into audiobooks or healthy snacks, a straight-up donation would do just nicely! Every dollar we earn or is donated will be plowed right back into the podcast to get better equipment, more server space, & possibly a license so we can play music and expand the pod even further!


A HUGE ‘THANK YOU’ to all of our listeners and supporters, we love each and every one of you! Here’s to another 50 podcasts!


Be sure to check out our Facebook page and keep visiting this site for our daily “60 Days of Halloween Spectacular!”


Until next week!


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