60 Days of Halloween – Creepshow II

I love being scared. I also love stories with a twist ending. I wasn’t able to see “Creepshow II” in the theaters but was the first in line to rent it on VHS (yes, kids, VHS!) at my local video store. My favorite story of the collection was the very first one entitled, “Old Chief Wood’n Head”…


Chief 1


The story starts out in a rundown town out West, a town that had seen better days. Ray Spruce & his wife (George Kennedy & Dorothy Lamour) run the only store and one of 2 remaining businesses. Ray is touching up the old cigar store Indian that has guarded the store for as long as Ray remembers:


Chief 2


Ray’s wife wants to leave town like just about everyone else. There are few customers, and the ones they do have can’t pay and borrow on credit. Ray waxes nostalgic on the store, on the town, and has hope that it will prosper again:


Chief 4


Chief Whitemoon stops by the store to discuss business with Ray. He says that his people are shamed that they owe money to Ray and want to leave a deposit (or “Illi-nee”) until they can pay him back. If they cannot in 2 moons (2 months), he may keep the deposit:


Chief 6


The chief’s nephew and a couple of his friends decide to rob the store to help fund their escape to California. After an accident with a shotgun, the chief’s nephew kills both Ray and his wife and takes off with the Illi-nee:


Chief 12


The new plan is to get their belongings and meet back together for their trip out of town, but the two friends are still shaken up by the murder of the old couple:


Chief 15


But someone isn’t going to let them walk away. Of course the fat guy gets his first:


Chief 16


But who is avenging the old couple? Why it’s Old Chief Wood’n Head! His next victim is the “rich boy”:


Chief 18


And at long last, the chief’s nephew who loses something very precious to him:


Chief 19


Chief Whitemoon awakes from what seems to be a fitful dream to find the Illi-nee returned to him:


Chief 20


He hops out of bed and speeds his Pontiac Chieftain (get it?) to the Spruce’s store. He is in for a surprise when he gets there:


Chief 21


“Your spirit can rest now…”:


Chief 22


A great story indeed. The others in the collection are good as well, one is based on an early Stephen King short story entitled, “The Raft”. I recommend checking the movie out, here’s a trailer if your not convinced by my endorsement:


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