60 Days of Halloween – House Decor, pt 2!

Halloween Store


Nearing the home stretch, we venture one last time to the gypsy Halloween store to see what more there is to decorate your home/castle/mausoleum for the holiday. Be sure to check out part one to see what we covered already…




Every entryway needs a little sprucing up. How about a zombie jockey statue or a mini Tor Johnson to greet your ghoully guests?



How about some life-like giant bats that light up and make noise?



A shrunken version of Michael Myers’ Shatner mask… What other famous slashers did they have?



Ah, Freddy Kreuger sans his infamous brown fedora hat… Who else did they have?



A lonesome Jigsaw mini-mask atop a fake tombstone… But what about Jason??



Yep. Jason Vorhees in the house! With mask from what looks like the fourth film and of course his machete!




Lots of signs touting all sorts of exotic places like “spooky graveyard”, “blood café”, or of course the traditional “haunted house”…


We hope you enjoyed our tour of the local gypsy Halloween store, its doors will be open for just a few more days before everything will be packed back up and put into storage until next September…






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