60 Days of Halloween – Day of the Dead Zombies!

George R. Romero’s 3rd installment in his “dead” series found his original vision severely stunted due to lack of investors. He apparently had chosen to work with a smaller budget without restrictions in the hopes to at least see some of his original screenplay elements integrated into the film. A much grander vision was that there were 2 factions, ones living in relative luxury below ground while others left to fend for themselves above-ground. This would later show up in the movie, “Land of the Dead“. Another element was “training” zombies for both military & menial tasks. Much too much to cram into the movie at the budget he was working with.

Day of the Dead” was filled with lots of action, inner turmoil, & of course zombies! This time around they really got into creating more “character” zombies and I wanted to share my 5 favorite zombies with you!



This zombie has been credited as “The Doc”, I’m assuming because of his suit & pocket watch (that you can’t see here unfortunately). As you can see he is missing his entire lower jaw and his tongue is languidly flopping around. Scary…



One of the more amusing entries, a clown! I’m sure that lots of people were met with a sad end working at their jobs during the zombie apocalypse. The tattered costume, the soiled nose, he still has a slight look of amusement to him with most of his makeup intact.




This is the “autopsy” zombie that drops his intestines all over the floor. To hear the “squish” of his guts as they hit the concrete floor will give you the heebie jeebies…




A majorette! She must’ve met her end during a parade or football game. The teeth are just awful…



Now Bub is probably the most famous of the zombies in the film so I listed him last. Bub showed “intelligence” in that he “remembered” parts of his prior life including apparently being in the military & speaking! Bub was the only zombie in the Romero zombie universe to speak. He becomes a hero of sorts in the movie, turning the tables on the military grunts that treated him badly. You root for him, I swear!


And that’s that! You can see this movie on Netflix Instant Streaming, YouTube, & of course if you want to torture yourself you can see the remake starring Mena Suvari & Nick Cannon…





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