60 Days of Halloween – Chick Tracts!

Tomorrow is the big day, a day when all sorts of costumed kids (and adults!) go out and beg for treats to hopefully last them until Christmas. Today’s entry in our “60 Days of Halloween Spectacular” looks at a possible item that your kids might encounter while out trick or treating. Halloween isn’t just a time to get candy and raise some hell, it’s a time when some religions try to evangelize through holding parties or trick or treating in their parking lots. Others go another route and put literature along with a treat in the bags of the trick or treaters. Some just hand out the literature without a treat and Chick tracts are most often that literature.

Jack Chick has become a sort of icon in evangelism through his use of comics to spread the message of salvation. The tracts are available in many languages so that the message of Jesus can be spread throughout the world. The tracts cover all sorts of topics from suicide & drugs to even other religions, the most popular tracts this time of year are the Halloween-themed ones. Today I thought I would share some of them since they are available to be read online. If you haven’t read a Chick tract before, you are in for a treat! Just click on the tract image and read away!:



Boo 1













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