Naturebox Unboxing

Naturebox Unboxing


Hey Junkies!

There are more ways to listen to us online! You can check out our TuneIn Radio broadcast link HERE or search for “Junkiosity” on the TuneIn Radio app for iOS & Android! We’re also on Stitcher Radio! Become a follower of both TuneIn & Stitcher to help us build our audience there so eventually we can get sponsors and bring you a bigger and better pod each week!


It finally arrived! Our first Naturebox! We spend time unboxing it all and sampling the wonderful & interesting flavors contained within it’s cardboard walls and give you our honest opinions!

















Matty talked about the neat Wendy’s training videos, be sure to check out “Grill Skills” part 1 & part 2!

Here is the “Boigah Report” from the website I-Mockery, very funny article!



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We’re still needing money to upgrade our pod! If you’re not into audiobooks or healthy snacks, a straight-up donation would do just nicely!


Until next week!


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