Burrito Bros

Burrito Bros


Hey Junkies!

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We’ve got sponsors! Check out Audible for a free trial membership which includes a free book download! They have thousands of titles from self-help to current best sellers! If you’re not into reading, how about getting healthy? Nature Box will jam your mailbox monthly with all sorts of wholesome and healthy treats & snacks! For only $20 a month you can get a ton of great-tasting food right to your door. Check out the link for a special deal!


A quick podcast because Dan the Man & MattyV had just finished a special surprise for our listeners to be revealed on November 26th! We missed Jen the Intern again, we love you Jen! Hopefully she will be back in the full swing of pods soon!


Dan the Man rants on about the whole Honey Boo Boo debacle and the latest is now is revealing that one of her daughters was fathered by the convicted child molester…

Then we move onto another molester, the billionaire ex-wife & former cheerleader who had sex with a 15 year old friend of her son!

Don’t think about visiting Puxton Park in the UK without a child, no adults will be allowed in alone for fear of pedophiles…

Dan & I talk about the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and how the value of Berlin Wall memorabilia has declined over the last 2 decades… For those that may not fully understand the importance of this event, check out “Top Secret!” to see what it was like to live “behind the wall” (the movie is a parody but will give you an idea)…

Here’s Hasselhoff’s version of “Hooked on a Feeling” for you to enjoy! (you can direct all your hate towards Dan the Man!)

A trailer for the movie, “Gotcha!” with Anthony Edwards and boy he could rock a hairstyle!

Forget the Cronut, here’s the Croritto! MattyV would actually eat this monstrosity…

Dinosaur Dracula’s Ancient Holiday Recipes article

Cockeyed’s Downton Abbey costume

I-Mockery’s Knock-Off Freddy Kreuger Doll

The Tested.com YouTube channel


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Until next week!



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