Beep Friday

Beep Friday


Hey Junkies!

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This week we talked about the concept of “Black Friday” in the sense of shopping (as we found out that there are several meaning to the term “Black Friday”).

We also spoke of the two women camping out at Best Buy 3 weeks before to get a $200 television (for the record, it is a 50″ HDTV)…

Matty recommends checking out for all the latest when it comes to “Black Friday”, bookmark the site since they tend to get copies of the retailer ads weeks in advance of the largest shopping day of the year!

“Cyber Monday” was also discussed, the little sister to “Black Friday” which according to Wikipedia is only 9 years old

Then there is this article that talks about “Black Friday” not happening on the day after Thanksgiving anymore (which is true)…

On the other side of things, the price of holiday hams are going up because… Pigs are too fat! Yep, it’s true!

Back in the early 1980’s, Sir Bob Geldof brought a bunch of famous musicians & singers together to record a song with the proceeds going to help the hungry in Africa. 30 years later, he did it again with more current artists & raised over $1 million in 5 minutes!

There is another “black” controversy unfurling in the Netherlands, that is protestors against the sidekick to Saint Nicholas, “Black Pete”, as he is considered to be racist & demoralizing.

And yes, Winnie the Pooh has been banned in a Polish town for being a hermaphrodite

Dan the Man’s favorite movie celebrates 20 years and even though it was snubbed at the box office & the Oscars it has been called “a movie everyone can love…”

Dan also revealed that Stephen King’s epic novel, “The Stand“, is getting a big screen treatment now going to garner 4 separate movies instead of 2 as relayed by this article



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