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This week Matty found a bunch of articles having to do with the holidays. The gang took some time to start a list of some of their favorite holiday tunes, check out THIS LINK for access to the playlist on Spotify!


Some of the worst toys have been identified by the World Against Toys Causing Harm (W.A.T.C.H.) consumer group. At lot of these toys seem like dollar store fodder than actual commercial/retail items. A “catapencil”? Really?

Do you have people in your life you hate that have children? Are you required to give them a gift? Then check out some of these toys that would be perfect torture and put you on their “naughty list” for sure!

Not sure if people don’t have enough to do, this Hanukkah wrapping paper was pulled because someone noticed the design included swastikas…

Matty found this list of the 17 “Most American” things you can get at Walmart. USA USA!

If you’re going to give money to charities this year, be wary of who you give your money to. This charity has been found to be the absolute worst to give money to according to the article.

Yahoo has a great article of the 15 best beers to drink this winter. I’m gonna need a drink come Christmas day!

First it was Surge, now French Toast Crunch is making a comeback! The power of the internet, behold!

Matty found this article fascinating about the auction sale of 282 Vietnam War-era Zippo lighters that were personalized for soldiers. Zippos played an important part in a soldier’s life and to see the different personalizations gives a little insight into each soldier’s life…

Hooray for Detroit! A local fast food chain (if you consider 2 restaurants a chain) is paying its workers $15/hr and is actually seeing a profit. But the workers are trained as jack-of-all-trades and not just burger flippers or counter jockeys…

A heated argument during a Monopoly game ended up with an arrest. I’ve been pissed at losing before, but not to the point of coming to blows.


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