New Years

New Year


Hey Junkies!

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MattyV & Dan the Man decided that the new year should not include resolutions but rather self-improvement goals. “New Year’s Resolution” is too closely thought of as failure.

Matty found this article on steps to take in order to make your own self-improvement goals a reality.

If you’re looking to control your money in the new year, then Dave Ramsey comes highly recommended. Lots of free information, the books are great too (get them from your local library to save some money).

Self-improvement books abound, Dan recommends “Rhinoceros Success“. It’s a short book with a lot of good information (and the forward is by Dave Ramsey!)…

Dan says that Mucky Pup is hilarious, here is the “Hippies Hate Water” video that wasn’t shown on MTV…

We rounded out the show by talking about teens & e-cigarettes…

Look for more stuff in the new year!


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