Michigan Made

Michigan Made

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Michigan native Kid Rock made the news with the answering of questions raised about him. He’s a good egg and honest as all get out…

Another infamous Michigan native is suing a former business partner over misappropriated funds…

Matty got Dan the Man to expound on the recent game between the Detroit Lions & Dallas Cowboys, I don’t think Matty knew what he was getting into…

Better Call Saul” because a New Mexico man was told his lottery ticket was a misprint. The gang expounds on the legalities of misprints…

A “Ketchup & Fries Plant”? Yep, someone has grafted a cherry tomato plant with a potato plant

And speaking of ketchup & fries, Matty found this article on how fast food is killing America

Fake food? In your grocery store? It’s more common than you think

Wonder what “diphallia” is? A lot of men apparently wish for it, this guy wrote a book about living with it(NSFW)…

Speaking of penises, Play Doh is recalling an extruder toy that looks awful familiar

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