Birthday Parties, Fat-Shaming, & a Hollywood Challenge

B irthdays, Fat-Shaming, & a Hollywood Challenge

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This week was a spirited conversation about some topics found around the internet.

First off, Jen the Intern wanted to talk about this article about a family who received a $24 “no show” bill because their son didn’t attend a friend’s birthday party. The gang talked about some of the more epic birthday parties they either had or attended when they were kids…

Breaching contract, Kai Hibbert from season 3 of “The Biggest Loser” lifted the veil behind the show and shared the mental & physical abuse contestants are put through. Matty knew there was more to the story…

On another fat-note, a famous British tabloid writer decided to gain weight in order to prove that fat people are lazy for a documentary on TLC. What she found was something she wasn’t expecting…

With the advent of shows like “Jackass”, “Impractical Jokers”, and social media, the whole “hidden camera gags” are getting a little dangerous. These guys decided to play a joke on unsuspecting cops that they had coke in their trunk. I imagine this would not have ended well if the cops didn’t think it funny…

Of course we couldn’t go without some article about sex. Some lady in New York is suing a tights manufacturer because of their apparent claims that the tights would increase orgasms

Matty loves the old 80’s comedies, the ones where swear words were few and far between & the chance of seeing a flash of titties were high. These comedies were rated PG and the laughs came from the slapsticky situations and dialogue. At first Matty was excited to see that “Wet Hot American Summer” was returning as an 8-episode program on Netflix (rumored to be a prequel) and that the entire cast was possibly returning. The “sad panda” part of it was when he watched the uncensored version of the original movie (having seen it previously on Comedy Central). What was to be an homage to those 80’s comedies turned wrong, and very wrong quickly. Matty thought that “Meatballs” (one of the films spoofed) had less than 10 swear words throughout the entire movie, and they were there to make a point or lend some comedy. A sad panda indeed… Matty issues a challenge to Hollywood, recreate that charm of 80’s comedies by relying more on the slapstickiness & dialogue than cheap shots with loads of vulgar humor.

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Until next week Junkies!

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