Sunday Cinema – “Summer Job”

There was a time when media wasn’t always “on-demand”, when you had to venture out to a video store in order to watch movies. In the early 1980’s, the advent of the affordable Video Cassette Recorder brought forth a need to fill the video racks with content for people to rent. By the late 1980’s, tons of “straight to video” releases were available. As the years wore on many were purchased and transferred to a new format (DVD), while others unfortunately found themselves forgotten.

Thanks to sites like YouTube, generations of all ages can experience some of the wonders that were only available on VHS. This weekly segment will highlight some of those old classics and hopefully get more people to love and share these wonderful gems of yesteryear.

Summer Job0

Summer Job” is one of the films to come out towards the end of the VHS boom of “T&A” movies. Slapstick comedy, crude humor, & a little bit of nudity, these types of movies were really popular with the older teen set. The plot of the film is a group of college co-eds working for the summer at a posh summer resort in the hopes of getting paid & getting laid.

Summer Job1

There was the jock, the cowboy, the nerd, the ditz, the priss, the sporto, the “norm”, and of course the fat guy. There were many subplots that included a nerd who is afraid of sex, a priss that hates manual labor, & a fat guy that wants to be a lifeguard.

Summer Job2

Lots of crude humor abound as well as many scenes of needless toplessness of many of the female workers. One of my favorites is when the jock gets a testicle squeeze from one of the female co-workers & the next scene shows him handing an ice cream cone to a female guest. “Are these crushed nuts?” she asks. “I’m afraid so,” is his response in a high falsetto voice.

Summer Job3

Most of the subplots are resolved, we watch the fat guy work hard all summer & lose weight to become a life guard (and end up with the girl!). The nerd also gets over being afraid of sex and ends up getting the priss in bed with his move “the primrose porpoise”:

Summer Job5

Although there are a ton of nobodies in the movie, there is one interesting highlight. A few of the former members of the group E.L.O. scored the film with their new group Orkestra and show up as the party band at the end of the movie. (Oddly enough, the soundtrack is available for streaming on Spotify, search for “Summer Job Soundtrack”)

Summer Job4

Obviously this is a NSFW film because of the nudity, but for those that remember USA’s Up All Night or Night Flight, this is a welcome blast from the past.

A kind soul has transferred this classic to YouTube, so give it a watch! This is MattyV-approved!

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