Brain Boosters, Referee-gate, & Something Awful

Brain Boosters, Referee-Gate, & Something Awful

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We started off talking about an article Matty found regarding all those supposed “brain boosting” drinks that can be found at your local convenience store. It seems that the “placebo effect” weighed heavily against them…

Talk about sensationalism, this article alarmed everyone stating that e-cigarettes could produce more formaldehyde than a regular cigarette. But you read the bottom of the article, only if you hold the button down for over a minute and a half would the e-cig produce 100 times more. No one in their right mind (stressing “right mind”) would toke on an e-cig for that long…

More diabolical than shipping your enemies horse crap that we showcased on a podcast last year, these people will ship your enemies envelopes of glitter! This would be bad, very bad as glitter gets everywhere and into every nook & cranny. But if there is someone you hate enough, I am sure that the $10 would be well-worth the investment to make them miserable…

Artisanal Alcohol has become a “hip” and “douchebaggy” fashion trend. Hipsters with their handlebar moustaches, Tom’s shoes, & alpaca wool stocking caps are waxing poetic about this craft beer or that small-batch bourbon. There is a bar that is cashing in big time by combining whisky tastings & the college pastime of body shots. In February you can pay to slurp 20 year old whisky from the bellybutton of a 20 year old as they regale you with tales from their life. Or maybe suck the woody & smoky liquid of a 50 year old whisky from the belly of a grizzled old biker… Geez…

Back when Matty first began his foray on the intertubes, there were a few staple sites that he visited. One he happened to re-visit was Something Awful, a comedy site that truly is Not Safe For Work (you have been warned). The favorite part of the site was the Comedy Goldmine section, a series of threads based on themes. Matty loved the stories of awkward moments with parents, terrible customers, & even a story someone wrote about dating a Rocky Horror geek. The archives are filled with great threads to read!

Dan the Man took time out to talk about sports with the whole “Deflate-gate” going on, Matty may have opened a can of worms on that one. But what prompted the conversation was an article about an inmate suing the NFL for almost $89 billion (with a B) for a bad call during a recent Dallas Cowboys game. Jen the Intern took a snooze while the guys talked…

This cannot be un-seen. It is NOT SAFE FOR WORK & WILL GIVE YOU NIGHTMARES! You have been warned…

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Until next week Junkies!


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