Sunday Cinema – “Poision Ivy”

No, not the saucy & steamy movie starring Drew Barrymore. I’m talking about the made-for-TV movie starring some of your favorite hit show stars such as Michael J. Fox (of “Family Ties”) & Nancy McKeon (of “The Facts of Life”)! Back in the day to keep viewers interested between seasons (seasons ran from the fall until spring with a hiatus for the summer unlike today where a show can effectively have 2 or 3 seasons a year), networks would fund these movies using popular talent from their stable of shows. “High School USA” & “The Kid with the Broken Halo” are a few more of these classic movies.


The plot of the movie involves a group of kids, a three-way romance, and of course plenty of slapstick comedy. The movie starts out at a train station where we meet all the players – a jock, his fat sidekick, a smooth operator, a runaway, & a geek – on their way to an 8-week stay at summer camp. We also meet Dennis, a new counselor that is only interested in getting with the female counselors rather than hanging around with kids all summer long. We also meet the anal head counselor Ike, who’s nose is so far up the camp director they could be Siamese twins.


The love triangle occurs between Dennis (Michael J. Fox), Rhonda (Nancy McKeon), and camper Brian (Thomas Nowell). Some pretty wacky things happen to Brian as he pursues the lovely Rhonda…


The end of summer culminates with annual “Color War” that teaches teamwork among the campers. Some take it way-y-y-y-y-y too seriously…


In the end, Brian begins writing his novel, Jerry learns to be himself, & of course Dennis gets the girl…


A cute movie for all ages, definitely a flashback to the Gen-Xers out there… You can check out the full movie on YouTube!


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