Poop Inspections & Pet Sematary

Poop Inspections & Pet Sematary

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This week was yet another spirited conversation about some topics found around the internet.

The “Walking Dead Cat“, yep. “Pet Sematary” for reals…

Rule #1 for those trying to scam the work comp/disability companies – If you claim injuries that do not allow you to work, don’t go on a television show that requires challenges involving physical strength. Apparently this former NFL player did just that when he went on the television show “Survivor”…

The “The Rent Is Too Damn High” guy is getting evicted from his rent-controlled(“stabilized”) apartment, landlord is claiming that it isn’t his primary residence. An apartment for $872/mo in NYC? Holy shit!

If you think that rent is too high, how about an AirBnB listing to stay in a Alpine cable car 9,000ft in the air? It’s outfitted with many luxuries EXCEPT A TOILET! The article does mention that the car can be lowered so you can use an available toilet, WTF?

First it was the guy in New Mexico that was shafted out of $250,000 because of a misprinted scratch ticket, now a Canadian man is suing the lottery because his ticket with the winning numbers was printed 7 SECONDS after the cut-off for the drawing! He lost out on $27,000,000 because of the delay and wants half the jackpot (one other ticket had the winning numbers that night). This guy may have a case…

Poop Inspections“? We talk about how if this happened back in our day it would have been a non-issue & some bathroom stories from our youth…

We talk a lot about today’s generation being lazy, but in this case 2 enterprising teens tried to drum up snow shoveling business but were shut down by a neighbor’s anonymous complaint. Geez, is entrepreneurship dead?

In Germany, sperm donors are no longer allowed to be “anonymous” anymore because the courts found that it is the child’s right to find out their ancestry.

Here’s some of the dumb shit people have been doing with their drones (besides shooting “drone porn”). This is getting dangerous, especially for air travelers. I wonder if open-air stadiums will now have to come up with some sort of “drone protection” to keep them out of their stadiums…

If Matty had $25,000 to blow and a place to display it, he would totally buy the IMSAI computer set-up as featured in the movie, ‘War Games”.

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Until next week Junkies!

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