Sunday Cinema – “Gleaming the Cube”

This week I thought I would share an elusive title that hasn’t gotten a proper DVD release. I present:


Starring a few well-known actors such as Ed Lauter, Steve Bauer, & of course Christian Slater (once billed as Generation X’s “Jack Nicholson”). The movie begins with a bunch of skaters traveling to a private airport. Why, you might be asking yourself since this is supposed to be a skate movie. Turns out they are paying a pilot to fly them over the suburbs on the hunt for empty swimming pools to shred. Once such jaunt ends up with injuries and the police called:


We also see the bad chemistry between Brian & Detective Lucaro (this will play a big role). Brian has an adopted Vietnamese brother (Vin) that his parents idolize because he is the “good” son. Vin gets fired from his job at a Vietnamese video store for pointing out the weight of medical supplies the owner is sending to Vietnam doesn’t jibe.


While doing investigating as to why the shipping weights don’t match up, Vin finds out that the crates are filled with weapons that are being smuggled into Vietnam. The owner of the weapons isn’t happy about Vin finding out:


Instead of scaring him to keep him quiet, they accidentally kill him. Leaving Vin’s body behind, they make it look like a suicide. In one of the touching scenes, Brian is seen wearing his “formal” attire to Vin’s funeral & placing a chess piece on his casket:


Brian had his doubts about vin killing himself and finds evidence to the contrary among Vin’s things, the paper that Vin took with him after he was fired showing the weight discrepancies:


Brian tries to get the detective involved in investigating Vin’s murder. Reluctantly, he eventually agrees:


Lots of action takes place, Vin’s girlfriend is kidnapped which all culminates in this movie’s version of a weapon preparation montage (but with skaters & skate gear):


Spoiler Alert – the good guys win. And yes, that was a young Tony Hawk with a few other members of the infamous “Bones Brigade”. A good teen action flick with very little language, something fun to watch especially for the Pizza Hut pickup truck at the end. And for the record, “Gleaming the Cube” isn’t a skating move but rather a term meaning to push yourself to dangerous new limits (outside “the cube”) & polishing it until it “gleams”…

Some kind soul has uploaded a copy of the movie on YouTube for all to enjoy!


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