Kanye, No Way!

Kanye, No Way!

If you haven’t joined Audible yet, help out your favorite pod and sign up for a free trial account. You’ll receive a credit for a free download of literally thousands of audiobook titles from famous and not-so-famous authors! Help us get you a better pod!

“Retro” girl claims women who dress like Miley Cyrus deserve what they get. We don’t agree…

Matty still can’t understand why women teachers like this are preying on their students, I mean most of these women are hot and could have just about any guy they want…

A judge ruled that unshuffled cards voided games and gamblers were required to return the $1.5 million in winnings…

A women gets fat from a poop implant? R U serious??

Need some extra cash, be a “cuddler”! Jen doesn’t approve…

I guess we can return the swastika dinner goblets since the Manson-Burton wedding is off

All 13 episodes of “The Weird Al Show” are available from ShoutFactory! They also have “Home Movies” too!

Not Safe for Lunch – a woman made yogurt from yeast in her vagina! DO NOT ATTEMPT!

Got a Roku? Then you need to check out some of the craziest Roku channels available!

Matty found that YouTube has a lot of episodes of “Emergency!”, so check it out! YouTube also has “Fantasy Island” episodes too!

How F’d up is this? Arrange to have your Kindergartner kidnapped because he’s “too nice” to strangers? No, this won’t scar him for life…

Matty thought this was cool, representations of combat rations from around the world. Denmark’s is pretty incredible, you gotta feel bad for Ukrainian soldiers…

Kanye is proud of being a non-reader… And he wrote a book… And here’s that crazy video with his wife… Some of the comments are claiming that it was supposed to be a parody… Not sure…

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Until next week Junkies!


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