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Sunday Cinema – “Terminal Island”

Almost 10 years before John Carpenter’s “Escape from New York”, there was another film that captured the idea of an island prison. “Terminal Island”:


The premise goes that in the early 1970’s the Supreme Court has outlawed the death penalty. The state of California in the wake of the decision passes a directive that designated San Bruno Island as a final stop for first-degree murderers. The rules are simple – once you arrive, you can never leave.

Both men & women are sent to the island to live (or die), most have chosen to live in a well-protected compound run by the villainous Bobby who likes to keep the women prisoners as sex slaves. A rival faction looking to create a more peaceful & progressive society led by A.J., kidnaps the women and an all-out war for control of the island is at hand.

Did I mention that a “pre-Magnum P.I.” Tom Selleck was in it? He’s a little scruffy-looking as the island’s only doctor:


Can’t totally call it a “Blaxploitation” movie, nor a “women in prison” movie either. But it does have some great action & cheesy dialogue. Oh, and you can also see a “pre-Magnum P.I.” TC as one of Bobby’s henchmen.

Yet another kind soul has put this classic on YouTube for all to enjoy, you can access it RIGHT HERE…

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What Happened in the D

What Happened in the D

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This week Matty & Dan the Man talked about Matty’s trip to Detroit, The “D”, Detroit Rock City, Motown, Hockeytown USA, The Motor City. Some adventures were had, Dan the Man explains a little about the game of hockey, & Matty met a reality TV star!

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Jen the Intern will be back with us next week and we’ve got some stories to share!

Until next week Junkies!

Sunday Cinema – “Heavy Metal Parking Lot”

I know, I know, I’m late. But better late than never, right?

Anyway, today’s selection is in honor of a friend of mine who rocked a sweet-ass mullet back in the day. “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” is a short documentary a couple of guys did back in 1986 at a Judas Priest concert in Maryland. Whenever you hear the phrase, “a time capsule”, this documentary nails it on the head. The interviews are legendary, as is the hair and fashion. I went to school with people like this and they were as rowdy and genuinely fun-loving.

Originally passed around as bootleg VHS copies, it eventually did see a DVD release that included a “where are they now?” follow-up documentary.

Chris, this one’s for you. You had probably one of the most legendary mullets in high school…

Enjoy this capsule of 1980’s teenage rock & roll love…

Tiny Houses, St Patty, & 50 Shades

Tiny Houses

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The whole “tiny house” thing is going to a new level thanks to this European architect. He built a 2 level house in a 3 foot gap between buildings. Forget micro-apartments!

Yet another lottery tragedy, a store owner is suing a customer that won $1 million lottery for half of the winnings and claims to have a signed paper from the customer claiming such. Makes you wonder…

A former Costco cashier is suing them for “religious discrimination” after being reassigned to cart duty because his religion prevents him from handling pork products & alcohol. Methinks he was being an asshat to get fired, I don’t believe Costco would fire an employee with a pending discrimination lawsuit unless they had enough documented cause to do so.

It’s one thing to visit film locations & “pretend” to re-enact scenes to take photos of and share with friends. It’s another to be a douche and harass the owners of the property. Vince Gilligan is asking fans to stop throwing pizza on the roof of the home of Walter White from his series, “Breaking Bad”…

Only in D-Town, a company has created the “bulletproof baseball hat“…

Penis goes where? A school system in Canada will start teaching sex ed in first grade! Yes, first grade!

How long is teach’s penis? “From here to the fence,” according to him as he taught a sex ed class

The legend of St. Patrick, of whom we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day…

A Mexican woman got all hot & bothered in a viewing of “50 Shades of Grey” that she started her own show right there in the theater!

Here’s the Jon LaJoie Chatroulette video that Dan talked about as well as the ChatRoulette Improv Guy video that Matty talked about…

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Sunday Cinema – “Reform School Girls”

Another classic from the 1980’s vault, this movie was (according to iMDB) a “farce” of previous “women in prison” movies the director had done in the 1970’s. And it certainly lives up to that description.


The movie begins with Jenny and her boyfriend & their failed robbery attempt. Her boyfriend shoots a guard, gets shot by the guard & ends up in a car crash. Jenny is sentenced to the Pridemore School for Girls in the hopes of being reformed. What she finds is a slap-down prison and plenty of craziness.


Meet Edna, who runs the day-to-day operations. You NEVER want to cross Edna…


Wendy O. Williams (you may know her from the band. “The Plasmatics”) stars as Charlie, the hardened teen bulldyke. Yes, she spends the entire movie in a leather bra & G-string. And yes, she was around 40 years old when this movie was made. Kind of a stretch to see her as a “teen”, but she’s wearing a leather G-string!


You might know Warden Sutter if you’ve seen other straight-to-video skin flicks, yes – it’s Sybil Danning!


Lots of your “typical” prison stuff happens like de-lousing, shower room scenes, foiled escapes, & of course chain-gang activities. The final scenes entail a full-scale riot with this iconic image of Charlie riding the top of the school’s bus:


The movie was so-so, basically written as a T&A flick for teen boys to get hot and bothered over (like so many straight-to-video movies of the 1980’s). This is certainly not a family-friendly film at all, so be warned.

If you want to see some of the demented & twisted stuff that went on within the walls of Pridemore, check it out on YouTube…

The Interview

The Interview

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This week, tragedy struck the Junkiosity family with the death of MattyV’s father-in-law so the gang was unable to get together. Being determined to bring a pod this week, Matty did take time to interview his nephews and got some pretty interesting girlfriend & break-up stories. The sound quality isn’t that great due to not having an external mic, we cleaned it up as best we could.

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Sunday Cinema – “Redneck Zombies”

This week’s selection is available on DVD, but the distributor has offered it for free viewing on YouTube. Growing up in the mid to late 1980’s and you hear the phrase “B movie”, the first studio to come to mind is Troma Studios. Troma has been putting out brilliantly low-budget comedy/horror/action movies since the 1970’s. Troma has also acquired movies to add to its brand as well. “Redneck Zombies” is one of those acquisitions. And now I present, “Redneck Zombies”:


The movie opens with a monologue about a missing barrel of chemicals from Fort Henry Dicker in Maryland & the grave danger the world is in if its contents are released. The next scene takes place in a mental institution and a woman in a straight jacket while doctors comment on the horrors she had seen. The story then flashes back to the beginning with a bumbling soldier traveling some two-track backwoods road with a loose barrel of toxic chemicals in the back of his jeep. Of course he loses the barrel and when he goes to retrieve it, he is met with the barrel of a gun. Getting chased off, “Ferd Mertz” decides to take a gander at the contents of the barrel when he himself is met with a bevy of gun barrels:


A family of moonshiners take the barrel from Ferd to use as a replacement still for the one that he shot full of holes. The family cracks the barrel open & the contents end up in their moonshine mash:


There’s a weird interaction with the “tobacco man” (like an ice cream man, only selling tobacco products) and the three sons. The “tobacco man”‘s monologue about the dangers of dip is disturbing to say the least:


The soldier who lost the barrel gets chewed out and ordered to take a few men with guns to get the barrel back:


The moonshiners make their booze (tinged green from the chemicals) and deliver it to the surrounding townsfolk. Of course the chemical-laced moonshine turns the town into zombies and begin to terrorize & eat anyone they come in contact with.

A lot more happens, lots of gay jokes & stereotypes are made, and the ending is typical for these type of “survival horror” movies.

If you want cheesy horror with some puerile humor & nostalgia for early 80’s homemade movies, this is the one to watch.

Troma has a lot of their catalog online at YouTube, but check out “Redneck Zombies” here

A Bygone Era

A Bygone Era

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Apparently the movie “WarGames” wasn’t just fiction. In 1979, World War III was almost started because of a similar event portrayed in the movie…

Utah’s plan to eliminate homelessness in their state is working. What’s the plan? Give the homeless apartments without strings attached

It’s the other way around in my house – a woman pulled a gun on her boyfriend because he refused to have sex with her…

Add this to the “what marketing genius approved this?” file – Krispy Kreme UK discontinues its “Krispy Kreme Klub” Wednesdays promotion amid uproar… Think about it…

Revenge is sweet, especially for apparently sh*tty parents. A woman sent this wedding “uninvitation” to her parents, the last line is a classic…

I don’t know hoss, I probably wouldn’t have quit my job over such meager winnings

Facebook is EVERYWHERE

Want to rent a town? There’s a hamlet in Hungary that you can rent for $750/day that sleeps 39 people…

How often do you shower? This graph says that most Americans shower once a day. Brazil is nuts at 12 showers a week!

Either a real marketer or people are just that dumb – man selling 10lb boxes of “authentic Massachusetts snow” for $89 a pop (and people are buying it!)…

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Sunday Cinema – “Missing in Action 2”

I remember spending every other weekend at my father’s apartment growing up. He’d pick me up on Friday after work and we would usually head to a pizza joint to pick up a pie and then to the local video store to stock up on movies to watch over the weekend. And it wasn’t a chain video store, it was a “mom & pop” type that was covered in promo posters & gimmicks, and it had a smell. A smell of old plastic & cellophane. Today’s selection brought back a lot of memories for me, I remember watching this movie a few times with my father…

“Missing In Action 2: The Beginning” is one of those rare movies that ended up being better than the first and a whole lot better than the next film in a series. The beginning of the film finds Colonel James Braddock on a sortie mission to Cambodia in 1972 towards the downfall of the Vietnam war. The Colonel’s helicopter is shot down and as each passenger drops to safety, we are treated to their name, rank, & a red status stamp. The final occupant is the Colonel and his outcome is…


A short history lesson ensues speaking of those that fought in the war in Vietnam finally getting a parade, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier receiving one of the war dead, & an explanation that there are many fighting men & women that are still unaccounted for and presumed living in prisoner of war camps in Vietnam & surrounding countries. Colonel Braddock & his flight crew ended up in one such camp. The camp is run by a megalomaniacal tyrant, Colonel Yin:


He is enraged at being unable to break Colonel Braddock into confessing his so-called “war crimes” that it has driven him to madness. From “mock trials” & “executions” to taunts of letters from loved ones, Colonel Yin still cannot seem to break Braddock’s spirit. One of the original flight crew, Captain Nester, almost immediately confessed to his “crimes” and was granted freedom to live in the camp with many of the meager luxuries it could afford. Considered a traitor by the rest of the crew, Nester does his best to undermine them with gifts and promises himself:


A “snoop” is discovered outside of camp taking photos & claims to be with a governmental task force looking into the possibility of prisoner of war camps in Southeast Asia:


The snoop is found out to be nothing more than a journalist looking for a story and is promptly executed. This scenario brings Colonel Yin into deeper madness at which Braddock makes his escape from camp:


Being a man of his word, he mounts an assault to rescue his fellow prisoners with lots of action and makes you jump up and down rooting for him as he dispatches his captors. The movie’s final battle is between the two Colonels, a battle you’ve been hoping would happen during the whole movie:


The ending does not disappoint. It has seen a brief DVD release (being packaged with “Braddock: Missing in Action III”, but has since been removed from circulation.

You can watch this incredible movie on YouTube and bask in the glory that is Colonel James Braddock, American Hero…