A Bygone Era

A Bygone Era

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Apparently the movie “WarGames” wasn’t just fiction. In 1979, World War III was almost started because of a similar event portrayed in the movie…

Utah’s plan to eliminate homelessness in their state is working. What’s the plan? Give the homeless apartments without strings attached

It’s the other way around in my house – a woman pulled a gun on her boyfriend because he refused to have sex with her…

Add this to the “what marketing genius approved this?” file – Krispy Kreme UK discontinues its “Krispy Kreme Klub” Wednesdays promotion amid uproar… Think about it…

Revenge is sweet, especially for apparently sh*tty parents. A woman sent this wedding “uninvitation” to her parents, the last line is a classic…

I don’t know hoss, I probably wouldn’t have quit my job over such meager winnings

Facebook is EVERYWHERE

Want to rent a town? There’s a hamlet in Hungary that you can rent for $750/day that sleeps 39 people…

How often do you shower? This graph says that most Americans shower once a day. Brazil is nuts at 12 showers a week!

Either a real marketer or people are just that dumb – man selling 10lb boxes of “authentic Massachusetts snow” for $89 a pop (and people are buying it!)…

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