Sunday Cinema – “Redneck Zombies”

This week’s selection is available on DVD, but the distributor has offered it for free viewing on YouTube. Growing up in the mid to late 1980’s and you hear the phrase “B movie”, the first studio to come to mind is Troma Studios. Troma has been putting out brilliantly low-budget comedy/horror/action movies since the 1970’s. Troma has also acquired movies to add to its brand as well. “Redneck Zombies” is one of those acquisitions. And now I present, “Redneck Zombies”:


The movie opens with a monologue about a missing barrel of chemicals from Fort Henry Dicker in Maryland & the grave danger the world is in if its contents are released. The next scene takes place in a mental institution and a woman in a straight jacket while doctors comment on the horrors she had seen. The story then flashes back to the beginning with a bumbling soldier traveling some two-track backwoods road with a loose barrel of toxic chemicals in the back of his jeep. Of course he loses the barrel and when he goes to retrieve it, he is met with the barrel of a gun. Getting chased off, “Ferd Mertz” decides to take a gander at the contents of the barrel when he himself is met with a bevy of gun barrels:


A family of moonshiners take the barrel from Ferd to use as a replacement still for the one that he shot full of holes. The family cracks the barrel open & the contents end up in their moonshine mash:


There’s a weird interaction with the “tobacco man” (like an ice cream man, only selling tobacco products) and the three sons. The “tobacco man”‘s monologue about the dangers of dip is disturbing to say the least:


The soldier who lost the barrel gets chewed out and ordered to take a few men with guns to get the barrel back:


The moonshiners make their booze (tinged green from the chemicals) and deliver it to the surrounding townsfolk. Of course the chemical-laced moonshine turns the town into zombies and begin to terrorize & eat anyone they come in contact with.

A lot more happens, lots of gay jokes & stereotypes are made, and the ending is typical for these type of “survival horror” movies.

If you want cheesy horror with some puerile humor & nostalgia for early 80’s homemade movies, this is the one to watch.

Troma has a lot of their catalog online at YouTube, but check out “Redneck Zombies” here


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