The Interview

The Interview

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This week, tragedy struck the Junkiosity family with the death of MattyV’s father-in-law so the gang was unable to get together. Being determined to bring a pod this week, Matty did take time to interview his nephews and got some pretty interesting girlfriend & break-up stories. The sound quality isn’t that great due to not having an external mic, we cleaned it up as best we could.

If you’re thinking about starting a pod, there are a few free tools to get you started:

Audacity is what we use to record/edit our pods. A lot of podcasters use this software because its so easy to use!

There are many free recording apps out there, MattyV happened to get Recording Pro for iOS for free or you might try Easy Voice Recorder Pro for Android. Easy to use & you’re able to email recordings for editing in Audacity. Great for on-the-go podding (we highly recommend purchasing an external mic for better sound quality)…

And lastly, we use Podomatic as our server & RSS feed for our pods to get them out to iTunes & Stitcher Radio.

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Until next week Junkies!


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