Sunday Cinema – “Reform School Girls”

Another classic from the 1980’s vault, this movie was (according to iMDB) a “farce” of previous “women in prison” movies the director had done in the 1970’s. And it certainly lives up to that description.


The movie begins with Jenny and her boyfriend & their failed robbery attempt. Her boyfriend shoots a guard, gets shot by the guard & ends up in a car crash. Jenny is sentenced to the Pridemore School for Girls in the hopes of being reformed. What she finds is a slap-down prison and plenty of craziness.


Meet Edna, who runs the day-to-day operations. You NEVER want to cross Edna…


Wendy O. Williams (you may know her from the band. “The Plasmatics”) stars as Charlie, the hardened teen bulldyke. Yes, she spends the entire movie in a leather bra & G-string. And yes, she was around 40 years old when this movie was made. Kind of a stretch to see her as a “teen”, but she’s wearing a leather G-string!


You might know Warden Sutter if you’ve seen other straight-to-video skin flicks, yes – it’s Sybil Danning!


Lots of your “typical” prison stuff happens like de-lousing, shower room scenes, foiled escapes, & of course chain-gang activities. The final scenes entail a full-scale riot with this iconic image of Charlie riding the top of the school’s bus:


The movie was so-so, basically written as a T&A flick for teen boys to get hot and bothered over (like so many straight-to-video movies of the 1980’s). This is certainly not a family-friendly film at all, so be warned.

If you want to see some of the demented & twisted stuff that went on within the walls of Pridemore, check it out on YouTube…


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