Tiny Houses, St Patty, & 50 Shades

Tiny Houses

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The whole “tiny house” thing is going to a new level thanks to this European architect. He built a 2 level house in a 3 foot gap between buildings. Forget micro-apartments!

Yet another lottery tragedy, a store owner is suing a customer that won $1 million lottery for half of the winnings and claims to have a signed paper from the customer claiming such. Makes you wonder…

A former Costco cashier is suing them for “religious discrimination” after being reassigned to cart duty because his religion prevents him from handling pork products & alcohol. Methinks he was being an asshat to get fired, I don’t believe Costco would fire an employee with a pending discrimination lawsuit unless they had enough documented cause to do so.

It’s one thing to visit film locations & “pretend” to re-enact scenes to take photos of and share with friends. It’s another to be a douche and harass the owners of the property. Vince Gilligan is asking fans to stop throwing pizza on the roof of the home of Walter White from his series, “Breaking Bad”…

Only in D-Town, a company has created the “bulletproof baseball hat“…

Penis goes where? A school system in Canada will start teaching sex ed in first grade! Yes, first grade!

How long is teach’s penis? “From here to the fence,” according to him as he taught a sex ed class

The legend of St. Patrick, of whom we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day…

A Mexican woman got all hot & bothered in a viewing of “50 Shades of Grey” that she started her own show right there in the theater!

Here’s the Jon LaJoie Chatroulette video that Dan talked about as well as the ChatRoulette Improv Guy video that Matty talked about…

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Until next week Junkies

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