Sunday Cinema – “Heavy Metal Parking Lot”

I know, I know, I’m late. But better late than never, right?

Anyway, today’s selection is in honor of a friend of mine who rocked a sweet-ass mullet back in the day. “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” is a short documentary a couple of guys did back in 1986 at a Judas Priest concert in Maryland. Whenever you hear the phrase, “a time capsule”, this documentary nails it on the head. The interviews are legendary, as is the hair and fashion. I went to school with people like this and they were as rowdy and genuinely fun-loving.

Originally passed around as bootleg VHS copies, it eventually did see a DVD release that included a “where are they now?” follow-up documentary.

Chris, this one’s for you. You had probably one of the most legendary mullets in high school…

Enjoy this capsule of 1980’s teenage rock & roll love…


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