Sunday Cinema – “Terminal Island”

Almost 10 years before John Carpenter’s “Escape from New York”, there was another film that captured the idea of an island prison. “Terminal Island”:


The premise goes that in the early 1970’s the Supreme Court has outlawed the death penalty. The state of California in the wake of the decision passes a directive that designated San Bruno Island as a final stop for first-degree murderers. The rules are simple – once you arrive, you can never leave.

Both men & women are sent to the island to live (or die), most have chosen to live in a well-protected compound run by the villainous Bobby who likes to keep the women prisoners as sex slaves. A rival faction looking to create a more peaceful & progressive society led by A.J., kidnaps the women and an all-out war for control of the island is at hand.

Did I mention that a “pre-Magnum P.I.” Tom Selleck was in it? He’s a little scruffy-looking as the island’s only doctor:


Can’t totally call it a “Blaxploitation” movie, nor a “women in prison” movie either. But it does have some great action & cheesy dialogue. Oh, and you can also see a “pre-Magnum P.I.” TC as one of Bobby’s henchmen.

Yet another kind soul has put this classic on YouTube for all to enjoy, you can access it RIGHT HERE…

Until next time, junkies!


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