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New Money Y’all

New Money Y’all

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MattyV & Dan the Man were podding in public at Crust 54, a great little pizza & pasta joint located in downtown Holland, MI! Matty recommends trying the Chicago-style pizza, it takes 45 minutes to make but is WELL WORTH IT!

Matty is currently reading, “New Money, Staying Rich” by Phillip Buchanon. Phil was a defensive back for several teams, the last being Dan the Man’s favorite, the Washington Redskins. His book details his life in getting instantly rich and the pitfalls that all rookies fall into when they hit that payday. He wrote the book so as to help those that become instantly rich stay rich. One statistic in the book says that the majority of players go broke 3 years after retirement. This is a statistic that Phil definitely wants to eliminate!

Taco Bell is offering a new hot sauce for a limited time. If you like the heat, you’re gonna love DIABLO!

Both of the guys are geeking on Netflix’s “Daredevil” series, and apparently a lot of other people are as well since Netflix announced a second season order for 2016!

They ended the pod talking about the minimum wage debate and how McDonald’s employees are asking (demanding) $15.00/hr. Both agreed that it does need to increase, but not double…

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Sunday Cinema – “Turkish Star Wars”

Yep. You read that right. You see kids, US copyrights often don’t mean a hill of beans in other countries and the costs to squash rip-offs is rather expensive. This is just one of many rip-off films that were produced in Turkey in the late 1970’s & early 1980’s. I mean literal RIP-OFF, this film uses orchestral scores & footage from “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” &  another classic Harrison Ford film, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. I present to you, “Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam” (“The Man Who Saves The World”):

Turkish Star Wars

You have to read this entry on Wikipedia for the entire plot, it is so whacked out I can’t even…

Someone on YouTube has uploaded this gem from 1982 for all to enjoy!

How about a Marvel rip-off in time for “The Avengers”? It’s “3 Dev Adam” (Spiderman vs. Captain America)…

Or maybe a Stallone flick? How about the Turkish “Rambo”?

Welfare, Burgerless Burgers, & Undies

Welfare, Burgerless Burgers, & Undies

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If the government gives you assistance, do you think it’s right for them to tell you what you can & can’t do with the money? Kansas recently signed into law a bill that prohibits recipients from using state funds for things like tattoos, going to titty bars, cruises, & even going to the movies.

Or what if it’s not the government. What if someone sets up an account to help you after being arrested for child endangerment because you left your kids in the car while going on a job interview? This woman blew through almost $100,000 on designer clothes, trips, & even studio time for her “baby daddy” to record a rap album…

For less than $2 you can get a “shrimpless shrimpburger” in Japan! Yep, the folks at Lotteria came up with the idea to sell a bun with lettuce & tartar sauce as a shrimpless shrimpburger. And people are buying it!

Get busted and thrown in the pokey in Franklin County, Ohio? Mommy can’t send you tighty whiteys anymore because the jail is cracking down on smuggling. The attempted smuggling of drugs & other contraband in packages of underwear got so bad that inmates have to purchase undies at the commissary like everything else. The prices are reasonable, but no lace or thongs are available…

At first Matty was outraged that a chef was fined $2,000 for feeding the homeless in San Antonio even though she had a license to do so, but after reading the article – she was serving them out of a vehicle that was not licensed to sell/give food from. If she would have done it from her “roach coach” this would have been a non-issue…

Talk about some Ocean’s Eleven planning, a lottery official was busted for rooting the lottery computer & buying a ticket with the winning numbers. He had a whole 59 seconds to install the thumb drive before the camera caught up…

This can’t be real & if it is, my lord… A guy asks The Guardian’s version of “Dear Abby” if he should tell his fiancée’ that he is bisexual and hooked up with her father a few times without knowing it… Jeez…

Michigan doesn’t have a Religious Freedom Restoration Act in place, yet a diesel shop in Grandville Michigan came out and publicly announced that they will not serve openly-gay people (and yet give discounts to people who carry guns into the shop). Either free advertising or the hopes of a GoFundMe windfall ala’ Memories Pizza had to be the motive…

Here’s the Ron White clip the guys talked about & the classic skit from “Amazon Women on the Moon”…

And if you haven’t seen the series, “Daredevil” on Netflix, what’s the matter with you? Someone put together 27 easter eggs from the series with connections to the Marvel universe & the comics themselves…

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Sunday Cinema – “A Thief in the Night”

I chose this week’s selection because it’s both a time capsule & even with its low budget it gets its point across. Bear in mind that this is a religious movie, so if you’re not into that – watch one of the other previous “Sunday Cinema” selections if you haven’t watched them all yet. And now:


This is actually the first in a series of 4 films (with a fifth film rumored to be in the works over 30 years later!) that follows the filmmaker’s interpretation of the bible’s “end of days” prophecy. This film focuses on “the rapture” (a time when all those who believe in Christ will be taken) and the rise of the “anti-Christ” through the life of Patty, one of those who was “left behind”. We see the effects of life before “the rapture” with Patty and her friends, and the effects of life after it.

It’s a time capsule filled with 1970’s fashions, gadgets, cars, hairstyles, & language. Made on a small budget (around $60,000), it packs some pretty big action.

Someone felt it necessary to share this film with the world and put it on YouTube, enjoy!

PS – if you want to watch the rest of the series:

A Distant Thunder

Image of the Beast

The Prodigal Planet

Burnin’ Holes

Burnin’ Holes

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Stealing lunches isn’t uncommon in corporate settings. Just because one asshole forgets his lunch doesn’t mean everything in the community fridge is free game. This guy exacted revenge on the douche that kept stealing his wife’s lunch using Blair’s 4am Reserve, which is a capsaicin extract that rates 4 million Scoville Units (it would take 4 million drops of water to dilute the heat of 1 drop of the extract). It didn’t kill the thief, but it sure cured him of stealing lunches!

David Lynch has walked away from the Showtime revival of his series, “Twin Peaks”. The cast & crew are pleading via social media to David, asking him to return to the project. Let’s hashtag #SaveTwinPeaks to get this series back on track!

It may not be a McDonald’s burned vagina payout, but this guy got his day in court and won $2000 from Pizza Hut from injuries relating to “excessively hard” croutons on their salad bar that shattered his denture…

Is this going to be the trend? From Natalie Cole singing a duet with her father back in the 1990’s to a Michael Jackson hologram at last year’s Billboard Music Awards, will dead musical artists “revive” their career from the grave as full concert holograms? Would you pay to see Selena on stage? How about Jim Morrison or Jerry Garcia?

How is showing “American Sniper” a fun night & welcoming to all? U of M has decided to follow through with showing the film despite protests from several Muslim student associations. Most offensive about the ordeal was the alternate movie choice, “Paddington Bear”…

Joining any sort of social media you have to be under the assumption that said social media outlet is going to sell your information for ad revenue. A bunch of Austrian students are suing Facebook for invasion of privacy when their information was used for targeted ads. Facebook lawyers spent 4 hours in their opening remarks asking for a dismissal. I would too since a win in this trial would mean a trickle down to other countries.

A tiny house has been found 10 miles from its original location when it was pulled off its foundation. Do they make “tiny house” padlocks? If not, this could be a moneymaker!

Only after being shown how to interpret the license plate does it make sense. Offensive? I guess to those that are anal (no pun intended) enough to decipher it…

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We start out talking about a certain pizza shop and how it’s mind-blowing that they’ve received a crap-ton of donations for something they flat-out initiated instead of the result of an incident. Hell, we’ve got a GoFundMe going to upgrade our pod to make it bigger, better (& thicker!) to benefit all walks of life & sexual orientations. Donate to us instead!

Someone’s gone and done it, “Deep-Fried Cadbury Crème Eggs“… That is all…

Blackmail is a never-ending cycle as found by this guy who was scammed for over $2 million because he thought he had a 3-way with an under-aged girl. I guess it would’ve helped to understand the age of consent in Michigan is 16…

Okay, if you’re gonna cut cocaine with baby powder or what have you in a food processor – buy one processor at multiple stores to keep suspicions down. These clowns bought several inexpensive food processors at one shop which alerted the staff to call police…

Speaking of drugs, when writing an article about a particular substance that causes overdose deaths & explosions, DON’T INCLUDE A RECIPE ON HOW TO MAKE SAID SUBSTANCE! Simple enough…

I think the “for-profit education” bubble has burst, University of Phoenix is reporting their enrollments are down by half & have closed many of their campuses since 2012. Other “universities” are also suffering, Corinthian Colleges shuttered their hallowed halls last July…

It may be a little safer to travel through New Mexico now that the Civil Asset Forfeiture law is being abolished. Basically it gave free reign to law enforcement to seize your personal property, sell it, & keep the money. Even for something as simple as a speeding ticket or improper lane change…

First it was send your enemies poop, then it was glitter. Now you can tell your enemies to Eat a Bag of Dicks by literally sending them a bag of gummy penises anonymously!

Several rooftop owners are suing the Chicago Cubs & Wrigley Field for the construction of a video wall that obstructs their view. Many rooftop owners sell tickets to those who want to see a Cubs game & split the proceeds with them. Interesting that the placement of the video wall is in front of the rooftops that didn’t renegotiate their contract with the club… The story of Jeffrey Maier, the boy whom the Yankees loved…

Help make “Super Troopers 2” a reality!

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Sunday Cinema – “Exterminators”

This is one of those titles that finds its way into the dollar store DVD bins. Back when DVD players first came out, small companies went out and bought the rights to as many titles as possible in order to crank out DVDs for the movie-hungry consumer. The same thing happened with the VHS boom back in the 1980s. Crappy & hastily-made cover art (you’re lucky if the movie summary on the back made sense!), cheap discs, even cheaper cases. I now present:


A “spaghetti” sci-fi film from 1983, “The Exterminators of the Year 3000” follows the rough-n-rugged future where it’s man against man against nature. A nuclear war has decimated the world & has made water a precious commodity. A group of survivors have exhausted the aquifer in the cave they inhabit, which puts the lives of their people & the animals they have saved in danger. A sortie was sent out to find water but never returned.

A new sortie, with the son of one of the previous group’s members, heads out to find water & the fate of their friends. futuristic cars, funky get-ups, even funkier language abound in this classic of Italian cinema. Yes, this is a foreign film that has been over-dubbed in English. It was shot in both Italy & Spain, but is supposed to have taken place in America (as referenced by the vehicles, clothing, & language). A definite “Mad Max” rip-off, delightfully cheesy nonetheless. The end credits are worth watching…

Someone on YouTube has graciously uploaded a pretty clean VHS rip of the movie RIGHT HERE