Sunday Cinema – “Exterminators”

This is one of those titles that finds its way into the dollar store DVD bins. Back when DVD players first came out, small companies went out and bought the rights to as many titles as possible in order to crank out DVDs for the movie-hungry consumer. The same thing happened with the VHS boom back in the 1980s. Crappy & hastily-made cover art (you’re lucky if the movie summary on the back made sense!), cheap discs, even cheaper cases. I now present:


A “spaghetti” sci-fi film from 1983, “The Exterminators of the Year 3000” follows the rough-n-rugged future where it’s man against man against nature. A nuclear war has decimated the world & has made water a precious commodity. A group of survivors have exhausted the aquifer in the cave they inhabit, which puts the lives of their people & the animals they have saved in danger. A sortie was sent out to find water but never returned.

A new sortie, with the son of one of the previous group’s members, heads out to find water & the fate of their friends. futuristic cars, funky get-ups, even funkier language abound in this classic of Italian cinema. Yes, this is a foreign film that has been over-dubbed in English. It was shot in both Italy & Spain, but is supposed to have taken place in America (as referenced by the vehicles, clothing, & language). A definite “Mad Max” rip-off, delightfully cheesy nonetheless. The end credits are worth watching…

Someone on YouTube has graciously uploaded a pretty clean VHS rip of the movie RIGHT HERE


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