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We start out talking about a certain pizza shop and how it’s mind-blowing that they’ve received a crap-ton of donations for something they flat-out initiated instead of the result of an incident. Hell, we’ve got a GoFundMe going to upgrade our pod to make it bigger, better (& thicker!) to benefit all walks of life & sexual orientations. Donate to us instead!

Someone’s gone and done it, “Deep-Fried Cadbury Crème Eggs“… That is all…

Blackmail is a never-ending cycle as found by this guy who was scammed for over $2 million because he thought he had a 3-way with an under-aged girl. I guess it would’ve helped to understand the age of consent in Michigan is 16…

Okay, if you’re gonna cut cocaine with baby powder or what have you in a food processor – buy one processor at multiple stores to keep suspicions down. These clowns bought several inexpensive food processors at one shop which alerted the staff to call police…

Speaking of drugs, when writing an article about a particular substance that causes overdose deaths & explosions, DON’T INCLUDE A RECIPE ON HOW TO MAKE SAID SUBSTANCE! Simple enough…

I think the “for-profit education” bubble has burst, University of Phoenix is reporting their enrollments are down by half & have closed many of their campuses since 2012. Other “universities” are also suffering, Corinthian Colleges shuttered their hallowed halls last July…

It may be a little safer to travel through New Mexico now that the Civil Asset Forfeiture law is being abolished. Basically it gave free reign to law enforcement to seize your personal property, sell it, & keep the money. Even for something as simple as a speeding ticket or improper lane change…

First it was send your enemies poop, then it was glitter. Now you can tell your enemies to Eat a Bag of Dicks by literally sending them a bag of gummy penises anonymously!

Several rooftop owners are suing the Chicago Cubs & Wrigley Field for the construction of a video wall that obstructs their view. Many rooftop owners sell tickets to those who want to see a Cubs game & split the proceeds with them. Interesting that the placement of the video wall is in front of the rooftops that didn’t renegotiate their contract with the club… The story of Jeffrey Maier, the boy whom the Yankees loved…

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