Sunday Cinema – “A Thief in the Night”

I chose this week’s selection because it’s both a time capsule & even with its low budget it gets its point across. Bear in mind that this is a religious movie, so if you’re not into that – watch one of the other previous “Sunday Cinema” selections if you haven’t watched them all yet. And now:


This is actually the first in a series of 4 films (with a fifth film rumored to be in the works over 30 years later!) that follows the filmmaker’s interpretation of the bible’s “end of days” prophecy. This film focuses on “the rapture” (a time when all those who believe in Christ will be taken) and the rise of the “anti-Christ” through the life of Patty, one of those who was “left behind”. We see the effects of life before “the rapture” with Patty and her friends, and the effects of life after it.

It’s a time capsule filled with 1970’s fashions, gadgets, cars, hairstyles, & language. Made on a small budget (around $60,000), it packs some pretty big action.

Someone felt it necessary to share this film with the world and put it on YouTube, enjoy!

PS – if you want to watch the rest of the series:

A Distant Thunder

Image of the Beast

The Prodigal Planet

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