Welfare, Burgerless Burgers, & Undies

Welfare, Burgerless Burgers, & Undies

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If the government gives you assistance, do you think it’s right for them to tell you what you can & can’t do with the money? Kansas recently signed into law a bill that prohibits recipients from using state funds for things like tattoos, going to titty bars, cruises, & even going to the movies.

Or what if it’s not the government. What if someone sets up an account to help you after being arrested for child endangerment because you left your kids in the car while going on a job interview? This woman blew through almost $100,000 on designer clothes, trips, & even studio time for her “baby daddy” to record a rap album…

For less than $2 you can get a “shrimpless shrimpburger” in Japan! Yep, the folks at Lotteria came up with the idea to sell a bun with lettuce & tartar sauce as a shrimpless shrimpburger. And people are buying it!

Get busted and thrown in the pokey in Franklin County, Ohio? Mommy can’t send you tighty whiteys anymore because the jail is cracking down on smuggling. The attempted smuggling of drugs & other contraband in packages of underwear got so bad that inmates have to purchase undies at the commissary like everything else. The prices are reasonable, but no lace or thongs are available…

At first Matty was outraged that a chef was fined $2,000 for feeding the homeless in San Antonio even though she had a license to do so, but after reading the article – she was serving them out of a vehicle that was not licensed to sell/give food from. If she would have done it from her “roach coach” this would have been a non-issue…

Talk about some Ocean’s Eleven planning, a lottery official was busted for rooting the lottery computer & buying a ticket with the winning numbers. He had a whole 59 seconds to install the thumb drive before the camera caught up…

This can’t be real & if it is, my lord… A guy asks The Guardian’s version of “Dear Abby” if he should tell his fiancée’ that he is bisexual and hooked up with her father a few times without knowing it… Jeez…

Michigan doesn’t have a Religious Freedom Restoration Act in place, yet a diesel shop in Grandville Michigan came out and publicly announced that they will not serve openly-gay people (and yet give discounts to people who carry guns into the shop). Either free advertising or the hopes of a GoFundMe windfall ala’ Memories Pizza had to be the motive…

Here’s the Ron White clip the guys talked about & the classic skit from “Amazon Women on the Moon”…

And if you haven’t seen the series, “Daredevil” on Netflix, what’s the matter with you? Someone put together 27 easter eggs from the series with connections to the Marvel universe & the comics themselves…

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