New Money Y’all

New Money Y’all

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MattyV & Dan the Man were podding in public at Crust 54, a great little pizza & pasta joint located in downtown Holland, MI! Matty recommends trying the Chicago-style pizza, it takes 45 minutes to make but is WELL WORTH IT!

Matty is currently reading, “New Money, Staying Rich” by Phillip Buchanon. Phil was a defensive back for several teams, the last being Dan the Man’s favorite, the Washington Redskins. His book details his life in getting instantly rich and the pitfalls that all rookies fall into when they hit that payday. He wrote the book so as to help those that become instantly rich stay rich. One statistic in the book says that the majority of players go broke 3 years after retirement. This is a statistic that Phil definitely wants to eliminate!

Taco Bell is offering a new hot sauce for a limited time. If you like the heat, you’re gonna love DIABLO!

Both of the guys are geeking on Netflix’s “Daredevil” series, and apparently a lot of other people are as well since Netflix announced a second season order for 2016!

They ended the pod talking about the minimum wage debate and how McDonald’s employees are asking (demanding) $15.00/hr. Both agreed that it does need to increase, but not double…

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