Sunday Cinema – “The Day After”

My hope has always been that my kids never had to live through a situation similar to “The Cold War” and in 1990 I thought we would be okay with the fall of communism in Europe. But with recent developments in China & North Korea, it may not be a possibility.

In the early-to-mid 1980s, the threat of a nuclear attack was on everyone’s mind. Movies like “Red Dawn” & “Miracle Mile” filled us with fear. That fear was heightened in 1983 with a television movie that rocked the world:


“The Day After” showed over 100 million Americans that tuned in the effects of a full-on nuclear attack on the lives of those who survive. Taking place in and around Lawrence, Kansas (the theory goes that this part of the country would most likely escape the effects of a nuclear war being so close to the geographic center of North America), We follow the lives of a farmer & his family, a major hospital, a soldier, & a group of university students.

The scenes are often graphic & stomach-churning, enough so that the network had to set up a 1-800 number to calm people down as well as air a commentary after the movie to help people cope.

As far as I understand, this is the most-watched television movie in history.

It may seem a little cheesy & dated, but this I believe still stands as a testament on what could happen if nuclear war befalls our nation.

Someone was kind enough to share this movie on YouTube, so check it out!


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