Sunday Cinema – “Saturday the 14th”

Saturday 14th

This week’s selection is more of a Halloween movie, but it’s still fun. Coming out around the time when “slasher horror” first started to take over the genre, “Saturday the 14th” was released as a spoof or parody of them. A few notable actors, most recognizable would be Jeffrey Tambor (of “Arrested Development” fame”). A family moves into a creepy old home, their son unearths a book explaining a curse that hangs over the date of Saturday the 14th and accidentally releases a bunch of monsters. The family bands together to defeat them and hilarity ensues.

For a rainy Sunday, enjoy this slapstick horror comedy with a big bowl of popcorn and your favorite blanket!

The movie did spawn a straight-to-video sequel in 1988, “Saturday the 14th Strikes Back


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