The Sh*t I Watch

The Sh*t I Watch

Dan the Man & Jenn the Intern are MIA again this week, MattyV had surgery a week ago and wasn’t feeling up to getting together. This was a good thing since Dan developed a case of bronchitis and was hacking his guts out. The gang will hopefully be back together for next week’s fun-filled pod!

MattyV was inspired to record this week’s pod around the sh*t he watches on YouTube. He has his own channel that you can check out with many old videos relating to his weight loss journey. He subscribes to several other channels and checks them out on a weekly basis, some good – some he wonders, “What the f*ck am I watching this for?”

Seesmod is the Kevin Smith/Smodcast Network channel where you can find videos from Comichead & on occasion Kevin himself. Matty recommends the “Why, Bry?” videos if you are into TESD…

Tested is a channel developed in conjunction with Jaime Hyneman & Adam Savage that is part geek/part tech. Adam’s One Day Builds are cool, as well as the make-up effects videos.

EpicMealTime is getting to be played out now that they have hit the big time. Check out their earlier videos with the lower production values, those can get downright hilarious…

Grav3yardgirl is a trainwreck. Matty shakes his head whenever he clicks on her channel to see what fresh hell she has unleashed on YouTube. It all started with THIS VIDEO to get him to become a part of the “swamp family”…

AdamtheWoo is a punk band frontman/urban explorer that checks out all sorts of abandoned places and filming locations across the country. Check out THIS ONE where he visits the filming location for “Sleepaway Camp II & III”

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Until next week Junkies


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