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Now Serving

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The gang was able to get together at the local Barnes & Noble that SERVES Starbucks coffee & is not a franchise (which means they don’t have to accept franchise coupons or cards)… Reminds me of a comedy routine someone came up with about wanting to start a McDonald’s franchise and NOT serve traditional menu items found at a McDonald’s (since many of the items do state “at participating locations”)…

This Facebook story saddens all of us. The state of our education system is apparently at-fault when this woman tried to sell her items on a Facebook sale group because she was “price-gouging” people. Even with the math clearly pointed out showing she was selling at a discount, people could not compute… Sad panda…

Despite putting a tax on sugared drinks (including sweet tea, soda, lemonade, & sports drinks), the city of Berkeley California has made $116,000 in the first month. Just like the increased tax on tobacco products, people will pay if they want something bad enough and the average 16 to 20 extra cents apparently isn’t enough to deter people from drinking them…

Colorado has been cut out of High Times’ “Strongest Strains on Earth” 2015 issue due to the fact that 9 out of 15 of the strongest marijuana strains have been developed there. I suppose the magazine wants to showcase strains from other places. Matty & Jenn are lost on the descriptions of strains & wines & beers…

Jenn’s price point for cheese is around $6 a pound, so I guess this cheese is a little too steep for her blood. Most of the 450lbs of the 20 year old cheese is spoken for…

Poor move on the part of police, the Slidell LA police department shamed a homeless man on their Facebook page by posting his face & stating he had $800 on him at the time of arrest. Most feel they have just painted a target on his back for thieves…

Jenn the Intern has been excited about this since the rumors first started flying, here is Faith No More’s new album “Sol Invictus” available on Spotify. Spotify is free to join, use our shameless referral link above to sign up! Enjoy!

Here once again is Dan’s Psychostick Essentials on Spotify, the gang may get out to a show if they ever come back to Grand Rapids or Muskegon. Hell, maybe we’ll get an exclusive interview!

In Queens, NY over 100 kids were herded into a stuffy auditorium to watch old Disney movies while their classmates attended a carnival outside. The issue was that they didn’t pony up the $10 per kid. The owner of the carnival is going to set up a carnival just for the kids left out… On the one side – this carnival was during school hours, which is the sticking point. If it were after-hours or on a weekend, I don’t think it would have been as big a deal.

$39,000 birthday party for their 3 year old is a bit much according to many. From an oyster bar to expensive cognac, a visit from an Australian Idol contestant, most believe this to be more for the parents than the child…

Produced in part by Rashida Jones, Netflix’s “Hot Girls Wanted” is a documentary that looks into the seedy side of amateur porn. According to the documentary, there are more visits to porn sites than Netflix, YouTube, & Twitter combined.

Check out “Celebrity Name Game with Craig Ferguson“, “Goon“, & “Super High Me

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