Sunday Cinema – “Cyborg”

What was meant to be a sequel to the “Masters of the Universe” live-action movie turned into this turd of a flick that’s only saving grace was the one and only Jean-Claude Van Damme. The once-powerful studio, Cannon, found this film to be their last theatrical release before their bankruptcy in 1987. And it did fairly well with an approximated budget of $500,000 ($2,000,000 had already been spent on the production set design when it was going to be doing double-duty as a set for the “Masters of the Universe” sequel as well as a “Spiderman” movie), it raked in over $10,000,000 in ticket & video sales.


In the near future the entire world population succumbs to a deadly plague. Pearl Prophet is a cyborg carrying vital information regarding a cure to the plague that needs to reach scientists in Atlanta, GA. Gibson Rickenbacker (yes, his character’s name) is a hired gun that is supposed to escort her there. But there is a gang headed by Fender Tremolo (a lot of musical instrument references here) wants the information and the key to the cure so he can rule the world. Fighting, cheesy dialogue, outrageous post-apocalyptic outfits and weapons (look for paintball guns!), it’s a great sci-fi flick from the late 1980’s…

Someone was kind enough to put this up on YouTube for all of us to enjoy!


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