A Kickoff to Summer

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Unfortunately MattyV’s dad was involved in an auto/bicycle accident so the gang wasn’t able to get together. However, MattyV has put together some movies to check out on YouTube to get you in the mood for mischievous hijinks and good times – or maybe to help you remember some of those mischievous hijinks and good times from when you were a teen…

“State Park” (aka “Heavy Metal Summer”) is a Canadian flick about a group of teens wanting to save a state park from an evil businessman who wants to use it as a toxic waste dump. There are some cameos (Ted Nugent!) and some funny scenes to be had…

“Summer Camp” was a late 1970’s flick that seems to have had its plot stolen by an early 1990’s film. A camp director invites past campers back for a weekend in the hopes of getting them to pay for fixing it up. Plenty of nudity & crude pranks fill this turd bowl of a film…

“Pick-up Summer” is another Canadian teen sex comedy about a couple of teen boys trying to get with the girls, have some fun with the local biker gang, & win a pinball competition(?). The outfits & music alone make this worth watching for a laugh…

“GORP” – Assuming this is in reference to the camp staple. “Good Ol’ Raisins & Peanuts”, set in a Jewish (!) Summer camp this film pits the camp waitstaff against the counselors in a fight for love & the entire camp!

“Oddballs” – Now this one is trying to be like an “Airplane-like” spoof of the Summer camp genre but fails. It does have its own charm and humor, though. A group of boys try to save their Summer camp from being bulldozed in favor of a shopping mall. Yet another Canadian creation…

Of course you can check out our “Sunday Cinema” selections “Poison Ivy” & “Summer Job” as well!

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Until next week Junkies


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