Getting Yours

Getting Yours

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The gang is back together in the studio this week. Be sure to become a fan of Junkiosity on Facebook and see some of the photos that Jenn the Intern has posted as well as some other random stuff we don’t talk about on the pod!

This woman received a judgement of $83 million dollars from a debt collection agency that harassed her about a debt that wasn’t even hers!

Remember a couple of weeks ago we shared the story of the $39,000 birthday party for a 3 year old? Well, the dad has defended the elaborate gala basically by saying “F*ck you, it’s my money”…

Not sure if this happens everywhere or just in New York, but there is a high number of people getting rashes after being tattooed. MattyV is considering a tattoo, he might just think twice about it…

Unfortunately we can’t get to the entire article (we REFUSE to pay to read online content), but someone dug up an old NYT article on this new fad from California – the cheeseburger

If you’re a Facebook fan, you saw a post about Pepsi and a possible comeback of one of their flavors but did you also know that they too are entering the craft soda arena?

Want to own a piece of nostalgia? Well, Bedrock City is currently up for sale. Modeled after Fred Flintstone’s hometown, this attraction was at it’s height a very popular tourist destination. Now in disrepair, the owner is looking to retire and sell. The price? Only $2 million, but that DOES NOT include the Hanna Barbera licensing rights (You’ll have to negotiate those yourself). AdamtheWoo took a tour of the grounds not too long ago…

So, want to experience one of the worst nautical disasters in history? Head to China and stay on an exact replica of the doomed ship Titanic. From the staircase to the rooms, everything is exactly as it was on the original ship. Taking it one step further, you can experience what it felt like when the ship hit the iceberg and sank into the cold sea. Those innovative Chinese, I tell you…

With a Trader Joe’s set to open hopefully this Fall near us, here is an article of the 4 worst things to buy and 7 of the best things to buy while shopping there…

As if things for Honey BooBoo couldn’t get worse, sister “Chickadee” is suing Mama June for money owed from the television series that was cancelled last October as well as money from merchandise that was sold. Merchandise? Really? And on top of that, Mama June threatened to sue TLC because they didn’t immediately pull “19 Kids and Counting” from the air as they did her show, claiming that the child molester on “19 Kids and Counting” was a part of the on-screen cast whereas her child molester boyfriend was never shown on-air…

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Until next week Junkies


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