Sunday Cinema – “Prisoners of the Lost Universe”


One of a number of early 1980’s sci-fi films to debut on cable television rather than the theater, this movie has a few signature things going for it. Most cheaply-made sci-fi movies are filmed in other countries and in locales that are to mimic ones in the United States, but fail miserably. This film was shot in South Africa and is supposed to be Los Angeles. The biggest error is that the vehicles are right-hand drive vehicles, not left-hand drive as in the states. Another signature is the use of b-movie actors, this one stars 2 of the greatest – John Saxon & Kay Lenz.

A doctor has developed a teleportation device that can transport people to an alternate universe. The three main characters are accidentally transported to a prehistoric Earth and have to deal with tribes of vicious cavemen, one tribe led by Kleel who has an interesting array of modern technology at his disposal…

Usually added to those “100 movies on DVD” collections you see in the Walmart bins, this gem was posted online for everyone to enjoy…


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