Wait, What???

Wait, What?

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Yes, a member of France’s government is stating that Nutella is damaging the environment! The use of palm oil apparently adds to deforestation because trees are being replaced by oil palms. The maker of Nutella is trying to find ways to produce the product with less environmental impact (good on them!).

Post Cereal is releasing a new flavor for their “Pebbles” line of cereal – Rainbow Sherbet flavor! Do kids even know who the Flintstones are anymore???

I can see where some people would be offended by the name, some Ohio grocery stores are pulling “Sweet Baby Jesus” beer from their shelves. I am sure this isn’t the first time a product has been pulled over inappropriateness

Looking at the photos, I can vaguely see the resemblance but in reality it looks more like a piece of skin or fat pulled off the chicken and formed a “tail”. KFC has apparently debunked the issue

There’s the casual fan, the rabid fan, the ultimate fan, and now the uber-creepy-holy-hell-what-did-you-do fan. This guy is having 29 Miley Cyrus tattoos removed from his body after the object of his devotion called them “ugly”…

Both Dan the Man & MattyV had one, Jen the Intern had one. but this high school in Ohio had 222. Yes, 222 valedictorians (equates to one in three seniors). The school changed the rules so that more students would qualify for scholarships associated with the designation. If this school changes the rules, who’s to say that all schools won’t to give their students the same advantage. Reminds MattyV of the Army’s change in allowing all troops to wear berets instead of just the special forces.

When does “your dildo” become “a dildo”? When you leave it behind in a hotel room. Apparently 30% of items left behind in hotel rooms are sex toys, geez talk about “gettin’ freaky deaky”!

A town in Massachusetts is looking for farmers willing to grow & sell medical marijuana, says it is a “great opportunity”…

There’s being a dick when it comes to divorce and then there’s this guy who decided to cut everything he and his ex-wife own in half. I’m not sure a judge will go along with his interpretation of “50% equity”, hope he made enough money on eBay to cover the costs…

Here’s an article on why you shouldn’t pay to cuddle (or pay $40 for a power nap)…

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