Sunday Cinema – “Surf Ninjas”


So, back in the early 1990’s martial arts & ninja movies were finding a resurgence thanks to the box office blockbuster “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. Everyone wanted to capture a piece of the market. From failed video game crossovers (“Double Dragon” & “Streetfighter”) to even a Chuck Norris flick (“Sidekicks”), it seemed like ninjas were coming out of the woodwork. How do you distinguish yourself from the crowd? First hire a father/son team to act in it, especially since the son had a small supporting role in TMNT (Ernie Reyes Sr. & Ernie Reyes Jr.). Then you add some kids and surfing, along with an up-and-coming SNL cast member (Rob Schneider) and voila! “Surf Ninjas”…

The premise is simple, a couple of adopted brothers find out that they are long-lost princes of some island in the Pacific. Not only princes, but they also have magical martial arts powers as well. The dictator of said island wants the boys killed to avoid competition. The movie follows the boys as they avoid getting killed and make their way to the island in order to free their people.

Not the worst of the “kiddie ninja” films of the era, but not the best either. Some kind soul has transferred this modern classic to YouTube for all to enjoy…


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