Nice Try

Nice Try

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Okay, I guess I get the apartments & homes that have been left locked & untouched for years. And I suppose I get the stores that have been boarded up and left untouched for years. But to put up new chalkboards without removing the old, let alone leaving the original writing on them? Creepy…

Now this is a player that will go places after retiring from the NFL. Rob ‘The Gronk’ Gronkowski claims in his autobiography that he hasn’t touched any of the $10 million salary he’s received. He is frugal and lives off the money earned from endorsement deals & appearance fees. Sports Illustrated found that 78% of NFL players go broke or are under financial hardship within 2 years of retiring. That is one sad statistic…

Be careful of the latest “skinny jeans” fashion, ladies. You could cause nerve damage in your groin and legs or potential paralysis. This woman spent 4 days in the hospital, unable to walk because of them

Boardshorts. Bermuda shorts. Swim trunks. Speedos. The Borat. Now there is just “the sack”…

Disney is literally selling sh*t to patrons at their Animal Kingdom park. No, not actual feces, but bakery items made to look like various animal excrement. Don’t think this is a way to get people to come to your park, Disney…

Jenn’s been binge-watching “Twilight Zone”, the episode she likes so far was “One More Pallbearer” & Matty’s is “Silence“…

“That’s a man, baby!”, or at least that’s what a security guard at a Detroit restaurant thought when he saw a “mannish-looking” woman enter the women’s restroom. She claims she was assaulted and humiliated as she was escorted out of the restaurant. Look at the photo – would you make the same mistake?

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