Sunday Cinema – “Stone Cold”


Back in the 1990’s, some sports stars tried to take their careers to the next level and jump into movies. Many of them realized that their sports careers weren’t going to last forever and that they needed some sort of end game when the end did come. Brian Bosworth was one such star.

He was a linebacker for 3 seasons with the Seattle Seahawks, had an attitude and a mullet to match. His first foray into the movies was today’s selection. Joe Huff is a cop that doesn’t like to play by the rules and that gets him suspended. An opportunity arises for him to get reinstated, thanks to the good ol’ FBI. See, the FBI wants Joe to go undercover and infiltrate a biker gang, one that has been terrorizing citizens and doing senseless killings.

“The Boz” used his own personal motorcycle in the movie because he felt most comfortable with it. The real stars of the show are “Chains” (as played by the one and only Lance Henrieksen) and “Ice” (as played by William Forsythe).

There are some plot holes, some cheesy chase scenes, but overall a good representation of an action movie from the 1990’s.

A kind soul from another country has posted the movie for all to enjoy (it is in English but has foreign subtitles)…


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