A Mish-Mosh

Mish Mosh

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Disney backpedaled big time claiming that the “poo edibles” were only being “market tested” and will not be offered for sale

Soon to be a hotel, the TWA Terminal at New York’s JFK Airport is a time capsule for air travel in 1962. A time when the average American couldn’t afford to fly, when it was exciting to board an airliner.

The Bureau of Land Management now has a “rider” for the organizers of the Burning Man Festival. 24 hour access to ice cream? Really?

Oregon is celebrating the legalization of recreational-use marijuana by giving away seeds to grow your own. One of the stipulations is that a individual can grow up to 4 plants in private.

It’s a bad idea to stay friends with your ex on Facebook according to this article

How do you protest when you don’t want your protestors exposed to what you want to protest about? Hire some day laborers and dress them up…

First there was “Spamalot”, then there was “The Producers”. Now there is “Clueless“?

Coming soon to theaters & on-demand, a documentary on the late Chris Farley

Another star goes bankrupt, David Cassidy is being forced to sell his South Florida estate in bankruptcy court. He is claiming a whopping $10 million in debt…

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” sequel finally has an unoriginal title

Pro-tip – don’t leave a can of paint in the backseat of your supercar…

A hoax or reality? Seems fishy that this person cannot provide the letter to the police from a concerned neighbor claiming their yard decorations were “gay” and yet had a Kickstarter with over $43,000 in it that they promised was going to be used to make their yard even more gay-friendly. With sites like Kickstarter, IndieGogo, & GoFundMe, it seems a whole lot easier to bilk people out of money…

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